What would happen if an animal cell had a cell wall?

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Feb 24, 2018


The animal would become stiff and rigid and would not be able to do all the necessary things it needs to do to survive, eg, run, eat, etc.


The function of the cell wall is to provide the cell with structure, giving the cell its shape and supports the cell making it stronger, having more protection. It is thick and built from cellulose. Below is a diagram of the cell wall:


Plant cells usually only have cell walls because of how they grow; in particular, towards sunlight. To provide the cell with the strength to support its weight, it has the cell wall.

Therefore if an animal cell had a cell wall, it would not be able to do all of its usual activities, for example, run, eat, or do any of the usual necessities as sufficient as possible, as having a cell wall in animal cell would make them stiff and not do any of these activities. They get strength from other areas such as the structure of bones, allowing the animal to stand up but can also move. Plant cells do not have bones and therefore get their strength from the cell wall.

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