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May 18, 2017



It's always a good idea to start with the equation!
#Na_2O -> 2Na + O# doesn't quite work because oxygen always exists as a diatomic molecule, so the equation would have to be #2Na_2O -> 4Na + O_2#.
Now we look at the stoichiometry of the equation - which just means the ratio of different components. These ratios are given by the coefficients - numbers in front of a component.
So here, we can see that for every 2 moles of Sodium Oxide we will get 4 moles of Sodium. So we have a ratio of 2:4 or 1:2.

In the question, there are 1.87 moles of Sodium Oxide so following our ratio there will be #2xx1.87 = 3.74# moles

I hope this helps: let me know if I can do anything else:)