Question #a682e

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May 29, 2017

It is a cylinder with a radius of 4 units and a height of 3 units.


If my understanding is correct, you need to combine these shapes in a form that satisfies all the statements below?

Seeing as you have choosen cylinder as the shape I see only one good combination that will create a good cylinder shape.
First the two circles have a radius of 4 each and no height. This is perfect for the top and bottum of our cylinder. To add height we use the recangle with the dimensions 3 and #8pi#.

Before we mix them together, note that a circles circumference is given by #O=2rpi#. In this case, the top and buttom of our cylinder has the radius 4, therefore #2*4*pi=8pi#. The circumference of both cylinders are #8pi#.

Now you can see, the rectangle has the perfect dimensions. The side that is #8pi# will cover exactly the circumference of the top and buttom circle, therefore we attach this side to the top and buttom circle. This leaves us with the other side of the rectangle, the side that is 3, being the upwards side of the cylinder.

Therefore our shape is a cylinder, with the radius 4 units and the height of 3 units :)