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Jan 14, 2018

They can be really important in life!


Let me tell you this first: I had the same question until I came across this question. I thought about it and I answered myself, and now you.

If you're an engineer, knowin' these kinda things can be mandatory! Let's say you're helping design a gas pipe, you will need to solve the dimensions and all of that fun, sorry, complex things! You don't want there to be gas leak next to a neighborhood, do you?!

Let's say you're a teacher. Before you become a math teacher, you'll have to know this kind of stuff and even be able to explain it! Let's say you just hardly made it through and became a teacher.

It comes to the part where you have to explain the volume of cones to a student. You just escape that part by telling them to do it. But there's a student who just can't get the topic! He comes to you, and you're just like,"Whaa?!"
Pretty embarrassing, huh?

Here's another circumstance: You have a hobby. You love making furniture out of wood yourself. Your friend wants you to make her a cube and she gives you the dimensions. The outcome: #downarrow#

You just bend over it for hours, trying to figure out what size you should get. You just decide to eyeball it and you make a cube. That's uneven, too small, and, well, not what your friend expected. Oops!

It's your daughter's birthday! You are planning a surprise birthday party! Yipee! Wait, you'll have to decorate the whole house. You will have to know the dimensions of everything and place everything perfectly where it belongs.

If it looks too messy, your daughter won't be that happy, huh? (Unless she's one of those really respectful nice kids, wh just go along with it. Hey! The theme is... MESSY!)

The last example I have in mind: Your dream became true! You have your dream house. You're at a furniture store and you're buying furniture.

But before you go, you have to figure out the volumes, and dimensions of everything. Then, you have to go to the furniture store, and luckily, each item also has a tag that has the volume, and dimensions on it.

I hope that answers your question, AshRaven! :D