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Jun 5, 2017

No There needs to be a central theme to the paragraph


The first two sentences refer to the music of Beethoven as relating to disabilities. The last sentence refers to your emotions when listening to the music and also to the quality of Beethoven's music.
The first two sentences fit together but the last sentence does not.

A possible example

Beethoven's music is an inspiration to all people especially those with disabilities. Beethoven played his graceful and peaceful music,"Moonlight Sonata, to inspire a blind girl. Beethoven continued to compose and play music even after he became deaf.
I admire that Beethoven did not allow his disability to stop him from playing music.

The central theme is that Beethoven's music is an inspiration to those with disabilities. All the sentences relate to that theme.

Jun 6, 2017

I admire Beethoven because he kept playing even after he became deaf. He would not let handicap prevent him from playing. His music had the power to reach people beyond physical barriers such as blindness.