Question #c6a5a

1 Answer
Jun 8, 2017

25100, 4200, 3400, 2600, 2300


Start with the smallest number of digits. In this case, it is 4 digits.

Next, look at the first digit. The number with the smallest first digit is the smallest.

Hmm... we have 2 numbers that both have 2 as a first digit: 2300 and 2600.

To figure out which one is smaller, look at the next digit. 3 is less than 6, so 2300 is less than 2600.

The next biggest number is 3400 since it starts with 3.

The next biggest number is 4200 since it starts with 4.

The biggest number is 25100 since it has 5 digits and the rest have 4.

Since the problem asks for greatest to least, we start with the biggest number (25100) and work down to the smallest (2300).