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Jun 15, 2017

Both laws describe what happens when temperature is changed. Both Volume and Pressure are directly related to changes in temperature.


Temperature is a measure of average kinetic energy. Has the temperature of a gas decreases the average kinetic energy decreases. The molecules of a gas have less energy so the collisions with the outside of a container decrease in their impact.

If the container is flexible like a ballon the volume of the container will decrease as the impacts create less pressure on flexible boundary. This decrease in volume will stop when the concentration of the molecules due to decreased volume creates a pressure equal to the outside pressure.

If the container has a rigid outside the volume can not change so the pressure inside the container will drVop as the the molecules have less energy.

Charles Law
# V_1/T_1 = V_2/T_2# when T is degrees K

Guy Lussac's Law

# P_1/T_1 = P_2 /T_2 # when T is degrees K