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Jul 7, 2017

It could be a number of equations..


NOTE: te correct way to balance this equation is

#"Ba"^(2+) (aq) + "PO"_4^(3-) (aq) rarr "Ba"_3"(PO"_4")"_color(blue)(2) (s)#

The net ionic equation like the one shown tells us only the ions that take direct part in the aqueous chemical reaction.

This means that as long as the two other ions are soluble in water, the ions could be a number of possibilities.

For example, you could have had

#3"Ba(CH"_3"COO)"_2 (aq) + 2"Na"_3"PO"_4 (aq) rarr "Ba"_3"(PO"_4")"_2 (s) + 6"CH"_3"COONa" (aq)#


#3"Ba(NO"_3")"_2 (aq) + 2"K"_3"PO"_4 (aq) rarr "Ba"_3"(PO"_4")"_2 (s) + 6"KNO"_3 (aq)#

and many others.