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Jul 28, 2017

0,01 mol of CO and 0,03 mol of #CO_2#


You can get the n° di mol of the mixture of CO and #CO_2# from the gases' law where one mol occupy at NTP ( STP are 1 atm and 273 K, but NTP is less sure) 22,4 L. #n= PV/RT = (1 atm xx 0,896 L)/ (0,082(L xx Atm)/(mol xx K) xx 273 K)=0,0400 mol#

Now you must resolve a system;
if you call x the mol of CO and Y the mol of #CO_2# and knowing that the weigh of each gas is given by the mol of gas multiplyed for the MM you have:
X+Y = 0,04 and
#X xx 28 + Y xx 44 = 1,28 g#.
From the first equation you have X= 0,04 -Y and in the second
1,12 + (44-28) Y = 1,28 ;
Y = (1,28-1,12)/16 = 0,01 mol of CO and then 0,03 mol of #CO_2#