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Aug 4, 2017

Extremely No, if i may use that word


Nobel Gasses are found in Group 0 in the Periodic Table of Elements, and are balanced in terms of their Electronic Configurations..

They have the following characteristics;

#-># Low reactivity
#-># Low boiling point

#-># Low melting point

#-> color(red)("Very low electronegativity")#

#-># High ionization energy

#-># Usually colorless and odorless

#-># Gases under ordinary conditions

Aug 4, 2017

The noble gases have the lowest electron negativity of any elements.


Electro negativity is the pull that the element has for more electrons.
Electrons are negative so to add more electrons causes the element to become negative.

Halogens group VII A have the greatest pull or attraction for more electrons and are the most negative of any elements within their period and have the greatest electron negativity.

Even the group IA Akaline metals elements have some pull for more electrons. Whenff the group IA elements form ionic bonds the metal atoms retain a small amount of the electron density of the shared electrons.
The noble gases generally do not form bonds. The noble gases are extremely stable with an electron configuration that requires no more electrons. Because of this the noble gases have no pull for more electrons and are considered to have an electron negativity of zero