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Nov 9, 2017

Displacement is 684 m to the North.


I will use v, s, and t from the suvat variable names: v is velocity, s is displacement, and t is time.

Average velocity gives the same result that constant velocity would give, if it were possible to walk and maintain constant velocity when there are flowers to smell and a candy shop's windows to look through.

We can just use the basic form of the velocity equation

#v_"ave" = s/t#

So the displacement is given by

#s = v_"ave" * t = 1.2 m/s * 9.5 min = #

There is a problem there. Time is referred to in seconds for v and in minutes for t. So I will change the units of the time from min to seconds. When that is done, I'll redo that last line with the time units both in seconds.

#9.5 cancel(min) * (60 s)/(1 cancel(min)) = 570 s#

So redoing the line to determine s

#s = v_"ave" * t = 1.2 m/cancel(s) * 570 cancel(s) = 684 m#

I hope this helps,