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Sep 18, 2017

About 3,488 km (2165 miles) when both layers of the core are taken into account


Below the mantle lies the core, which is divided into the outer and inner core. The core is about 3,488 km (thick, with the outer core being 2,260 km (1367 miles) deep and the inner core is 1,228 km (758 miles) deep.

If you didn't know there were two layers of the core I will briefly explain.

  • The Inner Core is about 5505 °C and is thought to be solid despite the high temperatures because of the colossal amounts of pressure acting on it. It is made of Iron and Nickel along with other heavy elements such asm Uranium and Platinum.
  • The Outer Core has a temperature of 4400 °C in the edges of it, and is 6100 °C near the Inner core. The Outer Core is presumably liquid. It is made of primarily Iron and Nickel . It is between the Inner Core and Mantle.