Show some examples of conflict between the Federal Government and the States?

1 Answer
Nov 30, 2017

1- Gov't Overreach
2- Education
3- Healthcare


1- Gov't Overreach: One big complaint between states and the Federal Gov't is about laws and SCOTUS. If SCOTUS rules on a law that a state doesn't like, can it simply refuse to enforce it. Like a few years ago when the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage across the country, states like Alabama tried to refuse marriage certificates to same-sex couples. Then-Alabama supreme court chief justice and now embattled Senate candidate Roy Moore ordered marriage certificates not to be issued to gay couples.

2- Education: Common Core was passed with the idea that we set a baseline for student and then states can build off of that. Standardized testing, certain classes were pulled or put in, etc. So every states has a different level of education that they apply to their students. Some states didn't even install Common Core (i.e. Texas, Virginia, Nebraska, Alaska), other states have since repealed it (i.e. Oklahoma, Indiana, and South Carolina). Minnesota does have Common Core but only in one subject. The rest of the states have Common Core.

(Personal inquiry- I live in Indiana and had to go through the middle of the common core repeal in high school and it was not pretty. They said our standardized testing ISTEP wouldn't be a thing anymore and would wouldn't have to take it. Then the state said we would have to take but it might not count. Some more switches were applied and now every high school student in Indiana takes ISTEP even though it might not count, or it might.)

3- Healthcare: Obamacare (or the ACA) was installed by the Obama Administration. Whether you like or or not is not what we are talking about so hopefully there isn't a comment war below. More conservative states want to weaken it or to fully repeal it, more liberal states want to take it further. Other states want to keep parts of it but repeal others. Healthcare is messy and confusing and states need certain parts based on what their people need. Some people say there should be a basic outline and let the state decide for their people, while other say there should be specific guidelines that should be followed for specific situations that would help in cases where generic guidelines wouldn't help.