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% water = 53.75%


The Epsom salt is a hydrate. This is a salt compound that acts like a sponge. The hydrated version is like a sponge which has absorbed a bunch of water. The anhydrate version of the salt is analogous to a completely dry sponge.

Magnesium sulfate can absorb water at a ratio of 7 moles of water to every 1 mole of #MgSO_4#.

Here's how to do the calculation of the percent water.

mass of water = mass of hydrate - mass of anhydrate
3.304g water = 6.147g Hydrate - 2.843g Anhydrate

% water = #"mass water"/"mass hydrate"#x100

% water = #"3.304g"/"6.147g"#x100

% water = 53.75% (answer should be rounded to 4 sig figs)

You might also find these videos helpful for these types of calculations.

Hope this helps!