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Depending on what your teacher is looking for, you might be overthinking this one.


Immediate after heating the copper sulfate forms a dry, light blue solid.

Right after the heating is complete the reaction is:

#CuSO_4*5H_2O(s) -> CuSO_4(s) + 5H_2O(g)#

The addition of water reverses the removal of water.

#CuSO_4(s) + 5H_2O(l) -> CuSO_4*5H_2O(s)#

If you add exactly 5 parts water for every one part copper sulfate the solid will return to being #CuSO_4*5H_2O(s)#.

Adding any extra water will cause the formation of a copper sulfate solution of#CuSO_4*5H_2O(aq)#.

Hope this helps!