What are grasslands called in different climates?

1 Answer


A plain, a praire, a steppe, or a savanna


The rich temperate grasslands of North America are called the plains or prairies. These flat nearly treeless expanses are now major agricultural regions.

The cold grasslands of Eastern Asia are called the steppes. Nomadic horsemen have historically swept out of these grasslands to invade China and Europe. The cold windswept grasslands of Asia can support little agriculture and are used for grazing.

The dry grasslands of Eastern Africa are called the Savanna. These grassland were historically populated with large herds of migrating animals. The farming of these marginal lands by the increasing population of Africa, is putting a strain on the survival of the animal herds and the grasslands themselves.

The flat treeless expanses of grasslands are called by many names. These are some of the most valuable and productive parts of the earth.