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Dec 5, 2017

#rarr#Humans have 23 pairs of chromosome in which 22 pairs are Autosomes and 1 pair {that can be XX/XY} is Allosome{sex chromosome}.

23 Pairs#rArr#22 AA + XY/XX

#rarr#Autosomes are homologous chromosomal pairs and Allosomes or sex chromosomes are partially homologous chromosomal pairs.

#rarr#Sex chromosomes or allosomes are in hemizygous condition(XY) in male and homozygous condition(XX) in female.

#rarr#Sex chromosomes involve in sex determination and autosomes do not involve in sex determination.

#rarr# In sex chromosomes, Y chromosome is shorter and in autosomal pairs both the chromosomes are of the same height{similar in morphology}


#rarr# In sex chromosomal pair, the position of the centromere may not be the same and, in autosomal pairs, the position of the centromere is the same.

Dec 5, 2017

Essentially, sex chromosomes are a pair of chromosomes that determines whether an individual is male or female. (The X and Y)
In humans, sex chromosomes are 1/23 pairs of chromosomes- The other 22 pairs of the chromosomes are called autosomes.
Autosome pairs are truly homologous; Each member of a pair contains a ‘look-a-like’ of the same genes.