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Dec 19, 2017

If temperature is kept constant: unsaturated increases, saturated stays the same, supersaturated stays the same or decreases


Unsaturated solution: a solution in which you can add more solute and it will dissolve
Saturated solution: solution containing maximum concentration of dissolved solute at normal conditions
Supersaturated solution: solution that contains a higher concentration of dissolved solvent than could be dissolved under normal conditions

If you add more solute to an unsaturated solution, it will dissolve because it does not contain the maximum concentration of dissolved solute. As more solute dissolves, the concentration increases.

If you add more solute to a saturated solution it will not dissolve at normal conditions, because it has reached its maximum concentration of dissolved solute. Thus, the concentration stays the same. If you heated the saturated solution it may dissolve more solute and increase in concentration, forming a supersaturated solution.

Adding more solute to a supersaturated solution could have two effects depending on the solute a) the solute doesn't dissolve, because the solution is supersaturated, and there is no change in concentration, or b) the addition of solute causes the excess dissolved solute to precipitate out of the solution, causing a decrease in concentration.