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Jan 14, 2018



Multiply the fraction's denominator and numerator by 4 to get it out of 100 instead of out of 25

The fraction would be #48/100#

Since percents are always out of 100, this fraction would be equivalent to 48% (#52/100# would equal 52%, #305/100# would equal 305%)

To convert a percentage to a decimal, divide it by 100

48 divided by 100 would be 0.48 because 48 divided by 1 would be itself, and you have to move the decimal (48.0) up two places because 100 has 2 zeros.

Jan 14, 2018

#12/25# as a decimal is #0.48# and turning that decimal into a percent would be #48%#.


Converting a fraction into a decimal is just a matter of division. Divide the numerator (the number on the top) by the denominator (the number on the bottom). As for converting the decimal into a percentage, take your answer times #100%#.