Change to passive voice? "People usually left tips for me"

2 Answers
Jan 16, 2018

gonna go with: I am usually left a tip by people.


best I can do, first thing in the morning.

Tips are usually left for me by people.


I think if we start with the noun "tips", we can get there:

Tips are usually left for me by people

To get to the passive voice, we flip-flop the object with the subject. Here, there are two objects ("me" and "tip") and so I'll use "tip" - of the two objects, it's the more important (try reading the sentence out loud leaving out first "me", then leaving out "a tip" and you'll see that the first one doesn't really change the sentence much but the second one does greatly) and lends itself to being in passive voice (it's hard to start a passive voice sentence with "I").

Once we have our new subject, we then use a form of the verb "to be" and then everything else just falls into place.