2 unfortunate Questions about about Cowboys and Texas (since deleted) but with a good answer (?)

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Jan 17, 2018

Gonna go with:
1. From the need to move cattle nearer the Mississippi...
2. Cowboy culture did not last as long as...
But: (see explanation)


I was actually born and raised in Texas, and I think these are very badly framed questions. Perhaps you have a textbook that provides answers to questions phrased this way, but I do not have access to whatever text that might be.

On question 1, I don't think you can claim that ranching/cowboy culture originated in Texas, because cattle were raised on ranches and driven to market in other places outside Texas. Don't think the Commanche raised cattle. I think cattle were being raised before the buffalo were hunted to near extinction. There was always a need, however, to move the cattle from where they were raised (in places like Texas, but not just there) to markets. The classic Texas cattle drive was northwards to Kansas, where they could be put on trains headed eastwards.
So that leaves the 3rd answer.

On question 2, I don't think cowboys were always "low paid young people". Some of them were quite mature, and I have the impression that the pay was actually pretty good.
I don't think you could say that they "never actually wore the clothes people imagine them wearing". First of all, I have no idea what other people might imagine what the cowboys wore. And we actually have quite a number of photos from that period that shows pretty much exactly what they wore. And I think the last answer for question 2 is no good, either - we know that the cowboys did exist, all right.
So that leaves the first answer.