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Jan 19, 2018

I would say the ethnic majority or the 'indigenous' people of that country/area who want to have their own country. Though there are other factors.


People who support nationalism are those who want to have their own country, which contains their own people and ethnicity and are pretty independent from any outside influence.

Nationalism is on the right side of the political spectrum, often teetering on 'far' right, however, we cannot assume all nationalists to be extremists as people who call themselves nationalists do not all share the same view.

I live in the UK and unfortunately, the nationalists in Britain are more often than not what we'd call 'extremists' and nazi-like, however they do, despite the often really bad views they can have, they often have a view of patriotism and doing it 'for the good of the country', though our country condemns it as it is often terrorism.

People who are supporters of nationalism are often those of a poorer side of society, and who are troubled by unemployment and see those around them, of their nationality. Those in Britain and I would say in Germany 1930s (and some today) are increasingly hostile towards immigrants/foreign people, as they can often hold more wealth and threaten those around them's job as they're often lower paid but harder workers.

So the idea of nationalism is a country of only ONE nationality, that being for example in German nationalism are the European Aryan races, in America it is often White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestants and the same is in the UK.
Nationalism preys on the fear of those who are teetering on the edge of the capitalistic society, who fear for their family and livelihoods often turn to the views of nationalism, and have only their nationality present, which is why it is more often than not seen as a racist view (not protecting it here).

This is a really hard topic to talk about, and Socratic is a poor place to voice these opinions and topics, especially about politics, such as in this day and age.
I have tried hard to steer clear of controversial topics but if you want further reading, I'll leave some links below and you can work out a bit more on those who are nationalist supporters.

Hope this helps.


(Hopefully these will help make it clearer and give a wider view for you on nationalism as a whole, but remember that not everything you read on the internet is true, it can be biased to some respects, but especially around nationalism you need to be alert as it is a touchy topic, make sure you keep in mind ethics as well in your research and reading, good luck)