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Jan 31, 2018

That’s an unusually small bird, but the physics remains constant.


Power, #P = F xx v# but be careful, in this case the F is weight, #w = mxxg#

[I think there may be a secondary problem underlying this, that the formula above is derived from power = work done / time = #E/t = (vecF.vecs cos theta)/t# and as the force (gravity) is perpendicular to the velocity (assumed horizontal) no work is done! Invalidating the expression for E means we may have an incorrect assumption, despite the power equation being a dot (scalar) product - I’ll request a double-check]

So #w = m xx g = 0.001 xx 9.81 = 0.0098#N

And #P = F xx v = 0.0098 xx 0.5 = 0.0049#W or roughly 5 mW