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Feb 14, 2018



Molar mass of glucose: 180.156g/mol

Molarity of the solution is another way of asking for the concentration of the solution which can be represented in units of moles/liter.

First we look at our water content -

250.0g can be translated to 250.0mL assuming the density of water is 1.00g/mL, as demonstrated by:

#(250g)/(1.00g/(mL))# = 250.0mL

#250.0mL * (1L)/(1000mL)# = 0.250L

Second, we need to calculate the number of moles of glucose we have:

#(18.0g)/(180.156g/(mol))# = 0.0999moles


We have moles and L therefore,

0.0999Moles of glucose for every 0.250L, which continues to be:

0.0999Moles / 0.250 L = 0.399M (Mol/L)