A company is making an action figure that must be at least 19.21 centimeters tall and at most 31.23 centimeters tall. How do you write a compound inequality that describes how tall the action figure can be and put the answer in set builder notation?

1 Answer
Sep 17, 2017

#H= {x : 19.21 <= x <=31.23, x in RR}#


#H= {x | 19.21 <= x <=31.23, x in RR}#


The figure can have a length anywhere from #19.21 and 31.23#cm.

These are the upper and lower limits:

#19.21 <= x <=31.23#

Set builder notation states that this condition must apply to all the possible values of #x# which has to be a real number.

#H= {x:19.21 <= x <=31.23, x in RR}#