A Convenience store sells two brands of orange juice.Brand A contains 8 fluid ounces and cost $1.28.Brand B countains 12 fluid ounces and cost $1.68.What is the difference in cost,in dollars,per fluid ounces between the two brands of juice?

2 Answers
Aug 6, 2018

Brand B is cheaper by $0.02 per fluid ounce.


As a rule, "of" means multiply, and "per" means divide.

We have been asked for "cost, in dollars, per fluid ounces".

We need to divide cost, in dollars, by fluid ounces.

Brand A:

#$1.28 / 8 = $0.16# per fluid ounce.

Brand B:

#$1.68 / 12 = $0.14# per fluid ounce.

The difference between brand A and brand B is $0.02 per fluid ounce, with brand B being cheaper.

Aug 6, 2018

Brand A is expensive. Unit costs are #$0.16# for Brand A and #$0.14# for Brand B.


Let me find cost of per ounce first.

Brand A #Cost=($1.28)/8 = $0.16# per ounce.

Brand B #Cost=($1.68)/12 = $0.14# per ounce.

The difference is:

#$0.16-$0.14 = $0.02# per ounce.

Brand A is more expensive (2 cents) compared to Brand B in terms of cost of per ounce volume.