A flaming fuse box should be sprayed with what type of fire extinguisher?

1 Answer
Jun 4, 2017

Well, I would use liquid nitrogen........


Powder, carbon dioxide, or water mist are suitable according to the graph. And note that laboratories will have similar lists taped up to the sides of the lab walls as a statutory requirement.

Mind you, when the $hit hits the fan, and you are actually required to use an extinguisher in earnest you are very unlikely to read the chart properly beforehand. I have seen a few still fires (containing sodium and amalgam) put out with a #CO_2# extinguisher (for which use it is contraindicated). And if it is a bigger fire, often the physical heat of the flame prevents you from approaching it.

As a chemist, it is your responsibility to read the regulations beforehand, and also to PREASSESS the likely hazards and outcomes of a given experiment, and also consider an appropriate response to the fire (which might be to run away and trip the fire alarm). In most chemistry laboratories there will be a dedicated safety officer, and if there is not you need one.