A pivoted lamp pole is shown below. The pole weighs 21 N, and the lamp has a mass of 2.45 kg. The pole is supported by a rope that makes an angle of 105° compared to the pole. What is the magnitude of the torque caused by each force acting on the pole?

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  • Miroslav Georgiev
    @miroslav-g Miroslav Georgiev asked the question.
    2 years ago
  • Someone from Mooresville, United States
    Someone from Mooresville, United States requested an answer.
    2 years ago
  • Daniel W.
    @daniel-w Daniel W. Can you provide the diagram?  The orientation of the lamp and rope is not clear. 
    2 years ago
  • A08
    @a08 A08 @miroslav-g The problem states:
    pivoted lamp pole is shown below

    Noting to show below!
    1 year ago
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