A projectile is shot at an angle of #pi/3 # and a velocity of # 11 m/s#. How far away will the projectile land?

1 Answer
Nov 5, 2017

It will land 10.7 m from its point of launch.


If you have the benefit of the following formula, the result is quickly obtained:

#R=(v_o^2)/(g) sin2theta#

#R=(11^2)/19.6 sin (pi/3) = 121/9.8 (0.866) = 10.7 m#

If you have not seen the above formula, it can be obtained through a (quite lengthy) calculation in which you use the equations of motion for a projectile, set up two equations in two unknowns, so that the time, #t# can be eliminated and solve for the distance #x# that the projectile moves horizontally. Many standard texts will show how this is done.

Wikipedia has the derivation here: