A rocket is accelerating straight up from the surface. At 1.35s after lift, the rocket clears top of its launch platform, 63m above the ground. After additional 4.45s its 1 km above ground. What's the magnitude of average velocity for the 4.45s part?

what's the magnitude of average velocity for the first 5.80 s of its flight?

1 Answer
Jun 25, 2018

4.45s part: #v_"ave" = 210.6 m/s#

5.80s part: #v_"ave" = 172.4 m/s#


Notice that velocity is always in some unit of distance divided by some unit of time.

Average velocity = (total displacement)/(total time)

(Displacement has unit of distance.)

So, to solve the 4.45s part,

#v_"ave" = (1000 m - 63m)/(4.45 s) = 210.6 m/s#

To solve the 5.80 s part,

#v_"ave" = (1000 m)/(5.80 s) = 172.4 m/s#

I hope this helps,