A sailboat weighing 1,960 N moves at 3 m/s for 10 minutes. What is the value for the work of the sails?

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Sep 21, 2017

I think there may be a problem with the question, which I'll explain afterwards ...
Work done = force x distance and Power = force x velocity


If you use the second equation and divide by the time, you'll get work done = powerx time = force x velocity x time (don't forget to convert time into SI units, though.)

W = (1960x3)x600
W = 3.53 MJ

So far, so happy, but we have assumed that the force given (weight) and the distance travelled are in the same direction, and that isn't true - weight acts downwards and I assume the boat is meant to travel horizontally.

I don't see how we can find the force on the sails from the information given ... less happy am I :(

If anyone has any clearer thoughts, could they share with me?