A section of one DNA strand has the sequence ACCGAGGTT. What is the sequence of an mRNA transcribed from this section of DNA?

1 Answer
Apr 26, 2017



Basically when you transcribe DNA into mRNA, you find the complementing base pair, for example if G is written in the DNA, the mRNA would show C, and if an A was in the DNA, a U would be shown. It is NOT THYMINE in RNA!! This changes to Uracil in RNA, and that is VERY important. The reason why it is flipped is because of the tRNA. So 3 mRNA nucleotides make a codon, and the tRNA are also in sets of 3, but are called anticodons. The tRNA is complementary to the mRNA strand, AKA the same as the DNA strand except with Uracil instead of Thymine. This is because Thymine breaks down in the presence of Oxygen and so is replaced by Uracil.