Admission to a circus is $16 for adults and $8 for children. How do you write an expression to find the total cost of 3 adult tickets and 8 children's tickets, Then find the total cost?

1 Answer
Jan 11, 2017

I'm guessing you want an equation that expresses the cost of any variable number of adult and children's tickets. Otherwise, it would not be algebra!

The expression we want is


using #T# for the total cost, #A# for the number of adults and #C# for the number of childran..


Let A represent the number of adults attending, and C be the number of children.

Since each adult pays $16, "A" adults would pay 16A dollars. Similarly for children; since each pays $8, C of them would pay 8C dollars.

The expression we want is


using #T# for the total cost.

With the numbers stated above, 3 adults and 8 children would cost

#T=16(3) + 8(8)=48 + 64=112

$112 for this group.