Algorithm for assigning percent Karma to participating contributors?

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The last entry in the pic pertains to this.
I find percent of karma allotted to participators hilarious.

This is only a comment and not a complaint.

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Apr 27, 2017



For answers that have multiple contributors, karma is calculated by using

#"karma" = 100 xx "your contribution" %#

You can find the formula here.

Your contribution to an answer can be a bit tricky to evaluate, but the general idea is that it depends on the number of characters you added to the final version of the answer.

Don't quote me on this, but I'd say that it actually depends on the number of words that you add to an answer.

As far as this being hilarious, I'm not really sure what to respond. I would say that it makes sense to have a system that splits the karma to each contributor to an answer, provided that they actually contributed something useful to the answer.

That said, the edit to the answer you listed as an example does not qualify as a useful edit, so I reverted it. :D