Ammonia is being formed as per: N2(g) + 3 H2(g) --> 2NH3(g) If 0.277 L of nitrogen reacted in full, what volume of ammonia has been generated? (Answer in L to 3 decimal places.)

i dont really understand this question

1 Answer
Apr 27, 2017

See below.


Since you already know the liters of Nitrogen gas, you can use the density of nitrogen gas to convert liters to moles of nitrogen gas.

Now, for every 3 moles of nitrogen gas, there are 2 moles of ammonia (see chemical equation). Therefore, multiply the mole amount of nitrogen gas (that you have calculated) by . #2/3#

This amount that you have calculated is the mole amount of ammonia. Now, you can use the density of ammonia to convert the mole amount of ammonia to volume (in L).

Make sure to save all digits or as many as possible throughout your calculations, and you should get the right answer.

I hope that helps!