An attorney charges a fixed fee on $250 for an initial meeting and $150 per hour for all hours worked after that. How do you write an equation in slope-intercept form. Find the charge for 26 hours of work.]?

1 Answer
Nov 5, 2016

Charge: $4,150


Set the number of hours the attorney worked equal to x and the total amount of money he charges equal to y. If he charges 150 dollars an hour, then the amount of money he charges would be 150 dollars multiplied by the number of hours he worked. Thus, y=150x.

Next, it is known that the attorney also charges a fixed rate of 250 dollars for the initial meeting, so we have to add that to the amount of money he makes each hour, as it is a flat rate. Thus, y=150x+250.

Finally, if the attorney worked for 26 hours, we would then plug that number into the equation we created for x, the number of hours worked. Thus the total charge of the attorney would be $150 multiplied by 26 hours, $3900, and then adding the $250 flat rate for the initial meeting, for a grand total of $4,150.

Hope this helps!