An increase from 16 to 20 is what percent of increase?

1 Answer
Oct 5, 2016



Your measure start at 16. So that is the basis (unless stated otherwise) upon which you reference the change.

That is: #(20-16)/16# is you fraction.

This gives: #4/16 -> (4-:4)/(16-:4) =1/4 #

For this to be a percentage we need the denominator such that it becomes 100. Thus we have:

#1/4 ->(1/4xx1) ->(1/4xx25/25)=25/100#

To express this in the standard script form we have 25%

Foot note:

Sometimes the use of % and its meaning is misunderstood.
The % that follows the 25 really means that we have 25 parts out of 100. In other words: #25/100#

To coin a phrase; 25% and #25/100# are 'one and the same thing'.