An investor bought 3 shares of stock A and 2 shares of stock B for a total of $41. Stock A costs $2.00 more per share than stock B. What is the cost of a share of stock A in dollars?

1 Answer
May 30, 2016

Shares in B cost $7, so shares in A cost $9.


First start by defining the unknown quantities, which are the prices of the shares. However, if we know what a share of stock Bis, we can work out the value of A, because it is #2 more than B.

Let the cost of shares of B be #x#
The cost of shares of A is #x + 2#

We know how may of each are bought, and the total cost, so form an equation...

3 of A and 2 of B cost $41.

#3(x+2) + 2x = 41#

#3x + 6 + 2x = 41#

#5x = 41 - 6#

#5x = 35 rArr x = 7#

So shares in B cost $7 and shares in A cost $9.