An object with a mass of #2 kg# is revolving around a point at a distance of #7 m#. If the object is making revolutions at a frequency of #12 Hz#, what is the centripetal force acting on the object?

1 Answer
Feb 8, 2016

69,696 Newton.


Centripetal force is given by 1/2×mass×〖speed〗^2. Please note that when an object moves in a circular motion it has a uniform speed (as its direction is continuously changing. We have to keep all measurements in MKS system (i.e. Meter, Kilograms and Seconds) and force comes in Newtons. Circumference is given by 2πr and objects makes 12 rounds each second i.e. 2×π×7×12 and taking π as 22/7 speed of the object is 264 meters / second. Putting this in formula 1/2×mass×〖speed〗^2 it comes to 1/2×2×〖264〗^2 or 69,696 Newtons.