And what if the molarity of naoh is only 1? then how to find the ph and poh.please answer back now cause this question has been write to us and now tomorrow our teacher will ask to show it to him.please answer back..

1 Answer
May 6, 2018

pH: 14
pOH: 0


Let's make a list of what we need to know:

Molarity, H+, pH, pOH; Acidic, basic, or neutral?

1M NaOH is our molarity, and fully dissociates into #Na^+# and #OH-# in water, so it also produces 1M #OH-#.

Use this formula to find the pOH:

-log(1) = 0; pOH is 0

14 = pH + pOH

14 = pH + 0

The pH is 14.

Very basic substance