As a star ages, does the ratio of He atoms to H atoms in its composition become larger, smaller, or remain constant?

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Jan 20, 2017



Nuclear fusion is at work in all stars. They first convert Hydrogen with its singular proton and electron to helium with 2 of each plus two neutrons.

Jan 20, 2017

The explanation is purely from what I think about the answer to this



Primarily, there is isotopic variability of atomic weight.


Hydrogen : 1.000784 - 1.00811

In my opinion, like the convenient degree unit for

#pi/180i=0.01745329... radian,

the atomic weight of helium, as 4.002602,

is a relative approximation.

The Table of atomic weights is a Table of ( about 7-

sd ) single precision approximations.

Like #pi#, exactitude is elusive, in these transcendental numbers.

Any such small time-related variation, in a star's life, with 1 million

year as time unit, might go unnoticed.

Yet, I am quite sure that, there ought to be some

nano;pico-level changes, under great changes in

temperature and pressure.