At what temperature does butter freeze on Earth and also, the Moon? Thanks...

1 Answer
May 24, 2018

It's freezing point on earth depends on the fat/protein ratio, and how much carbs it has from milk. On the moon, it won't have a freezing point.


The only real difference between the moon and earth is the lack of an atmosphere on the moon. I don't think it is a perfect vacuum, but i suspect the atmospheric pressure on the moon is really, really low.

Once you get below the triple point atmospheric pressure (don't know what that is for butter, since it is a conglomerate substance), the material will sublimate/deposit. So butter on the moon has a sublimation temperature, but that is even hard to define. I suspect the more volatile components will sublimate and leave behind a bunch of butter proteins.

So whatever the sublimation temperature is, that is your deposition temperature, too - and that is as close to freezing as you'll get.