Because of the meeting in Annapolis in 1786, what did Alexander Hamilton do in 1787? Who did he want to attend?

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May 18, 2016

Initiated the New York and Philadelphia Assemblies


Toward the end of 1786, Hamilton was elected to serve in the 1787 session of the New York State Assembly. As an Assemblyman, Hamilton worked with several issues. He continued to fight for the protection of loyalists against persecution and drafted proposals to solve the economic crisis, but his main goal was to convince the other legislators in the New York State Assembly to send a delegation to Philadelphia to amend the Articles of Confederation. Hamilton's proposal was met with bitter opposition from New York Governor George Clinton, who feared the power of a stronger national government. In the end, Hamilton achieved only a half-victory: the Assembly agreed to send a delegation to Philadelphia, but this delegation was made up of Hamilton and two Clinton supporters.

Source: "The Constitution and Federalism I & II: Alexander Hamilton"
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