Bone cells are called?

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Dec 18, 2017


Osteocytes are preferentially termed as bone cells.


However, bones contain four types of cells:

  • Osteogenic or osteoprogenitor cells #to# stem cells(these are only bone cells that divide)
    These are present in deep layer of periosteum and endosteum. These form and develop into osteoblasts.
  • Osteoblasts #to# bone-forming cells
    Osteoblasts are derived from osteogenic cells. These are present in growing portions of bone including periosteum and endosteum. These form new bones.
  • Osteocytes #to# mature bone cells.
    These are mature osteoblasts that become entrapped in the bone matrix. Osteocytes continue to form bone to some degree, which is important for maintaining the strength and health of the bone matrix.
  • Osteoclasts #to# bone dissolving cells
    These are present in endosteum lining the marrow cavities containing blood vessels and bone marrow. These break down bony matrix which is called as bone resorption. Osteoclasts are large multinucleated cells that are quite different from other bone cells. These are formed by the fusion of many cells derived from circulating monocytes in the blood, hence these are phagocytic.

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