Calculate the concentration (% m/m) of a solution that contains 27.5 g of NaOH dissolved in 200 g of water?

1 Answer
Jun 26, 2018



To find the concentration %(m/m), we'll use the formula:

#%(m/m) = "mass of solute"/"mass of solution"*100%#

Given from the question:
NaOH is dissolved in water. NaOH in this case is the solute (since it has lesser amount) and water is the solvent (since it has greater amount). Together they will form NaOH solution.

mass of solute = mass of NaOH = 27.5 g
mass of solvent = 200 g
mass of solution =mass of solute + mass of solvent = 200 + 27.5 = 227.5 g

Plug in the values:
#%(m/m) = "mass of solute"/"mass of solution"*100%="27.5g"/"227.5g"*100%=12.1%#