Cale stops play and finds a rock on the way to school. In the laboratory he determines that the volume of the rock is 22.7 mL, and the mass in 39.943 g. What is the density of the rock?

1 Answer
Jun 26, 2016

The density will be 1.48 g/ mL.


Density is the amount of matter within a specific volume. As a trend, some Solids tend to be more dense than liquids and will sink. For example, Lead has a density of 11.4 g/mL and Water is 1.00 g/ mL at STP. The density of lead is great than water, it will sink. A great example of lead uses is a lead sinker for fishing.

There are solids that. Have a density less than water, thus they will float. An example of this is Logwood or Haematoxylum campechianum. It's density is 0.9 g/mL.

Density = mass divided by volume

D = m/V

D = 39.943g / 22.7 mL

D = 1.48 g/mL