Can anyone give me some information on how nuclear energy is more beneficial than other types (GCSE level please :) ?

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Apr 23, 2018

I can try...


The benefits of using nuclear power are, among other things:

Very high energy yield per unit mass compared to e.g coal and oil.

No greenhouse gas emission (Carbon dioxide)

Steady release of energy- can be controlled to meet the demands of the market relatively easily.

One nuclear reactor can replace many fossil fuel powered plants. (In Sweden, where I live, we have 8 nuclear reactors that are responsible for producing about 40% of electricity in the entire country!)

One could argue it is to some extent safer than many other sources of energy due to governments being well aware of the risks that nuclear power carries- giving nuclear power plants more safety measurements (hopefully).

But of course, there are many drawbacks as well:
The waste produced in the reactors is hard to dispose of- and will stay radioactive for many years.

Potential target for attacks.


Hopefully, it helped!