Can you find an example of a hyperbole in a newspaper advertisement?

2 Answers
Aug 17, 2017

You can!


Many places you can find is in adverts. Like 'best windows you can find' or 'Sale of a lifetime' these are all over-exaggerating, and this is what a hyperbole is.

Aug 17, 2017

I find that the word 'Only' is used to the extreme in adverts.

'Only' implies something small.

'Only' one page left to read, 'only' 2 seats left, and so on.

To see an advert advertising a really expensive item with the word 'only' always seems like an exaggeration.

ONLY #$1,500,000#

ONLY #$169.99#

It tries to make people think that the price is good value, but it might not be so.