Can you help me please ??!

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Jun 17, 2018

Huda's average pace would be 8.9 km/h to the nearest decimal. The answer, therefore, is D.


Let A=Abdulaziz, H=Huda (just to simplify)
To answer the question we need to know how long the distance run was.
If A ran 8 km/h and finished the distance d in 0.39 h, the distance is simply d=#8*0.39# km=3.12 km

If H finished this distance in 0.35 h, her average pace would be
distance/time=#3.12/0.35# km/h
=#312/35# km/h = #8.9# km/h to the nearest decimal.

If we look at the numbers, we see that H uses about 1/10 shorter time than A. Her average pace should then be about 1/10 faster. This agrees with 8.9 km.