Can you help me please? with steps, thank you ^^

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Jul 1, 2018

a) B , A , C , D
b) B , A , C , D


a) The resistance to being set in motion is inertia because inertia is the reluctance to change its state of rest or motion
Inertia depends on the object's mass. For e.g. smaller mass, smaller inertia

b) Newton's Third Law of Motion. Since the object is exerting a contact force on the table, the table will exert an equal and opposite contact force on the object, also known as the reaction force.


#"force" = "mass" xx "gravitational acceleration"#

you have (without the added units of #"kg"# for the masses and #"m/s"^2# for the gravitational acceleration)

#A = 12 xx 10 = "120 N"#

#B = 15 xx 10 = "150 N"#

#C = 10 xx 10 = "100 N"#

#D = 2 xx 10 = "20 N"#

The greatest force exerted is by object B, followed by object A.